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UOM not updated in ME during Material download.

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Hi All,

We are using Standard IDOC to send Material from ECC to ME. The material is created in ME but the Unit of measure in not updated, its blank.

We see the UOM in MATMAS03 IDOC [in MEINS, MEINH fields] but the same is not passed during the ME Webservice call. I don't see UOM being passed during webservice call.

ECC sends MATMAS03 [Split workflow] then Z_MATMAS03 Standard workflow is executed.

Webservice request data:

- <sch:ItemUpdateRequest_sync>

- <sch:Item>

- <sch:SiteRef>






- <sch:StatusRef>








- <sch:CustomFieldList>

- <sch:CustomField>




- <sch:CustomField>







Why is UOM not passed in ME ErpItemService webservice call?

How to update UOM during Material download? Is there any extra configuration required.

Thanks in advance..


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Those fields of MATMAS IDoc are not processed while generating ItemUpdate request. It looks as if UOM is not maintained for a material but rather is maitained for Production Order.

If this is needed, you can change MaterialRequest.xslt to add processing of UOM.