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Unplanned quantity in MD04

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Hi All,

While converting a planned order (for FG with qty 10 No's) to production order i'm changing the qty to 12 no's. Now i want to see the excess of 2 no's as unplanned qty in MD04 screen. How to see this in MD04 screen, please suggest/guide. I have tried with filter options in MD04 screen but i could not see the excess qty of 2 no's as unplanned receipts. Please help.

Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Once the planned order is converted into process order or produciton order, the system deletes the planned order.

We have two options to check and compare the planned order qty with process order Qty

(1) If the MRP list MD05 is not deleted, we can view the respective planned order qty and can compare with process order qty

(2) Other simple option option is to check into the process order (production order) directly. I have looked into the Process order transaciton COR2, Dates/qty's tab, there is a table "Quantities" which tells what was the planned order qty and what is the current process order qty. I see the planned order number in COOIS information report, but dont seethe planned order qty in that report.

Hope this helps.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Thanks all for timely help.

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Hi Shaiz,

Please check if you use Make-to-Order scenario,..

If yes, then the MD04 displays the following line, for each of the order u2013

u2022 Customer stock

u2022 Customer Order/Delivery

u2022 Planned order/Production order/Process Order/Purchase Requisition/Purchase Orderu2026

In this case, if the supply quantity (Production or Planned order qty) is higher than the demand quantity (sales order qty), we will get the exception shown up u2013 like excessive quantity(msg 26), etcu2026

In Make-to-Stock scenario, the above situation cannot be shownu2026 as the planned order or Production order does not have any firmed demand element to compare and show the exception.