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Unpack and Repack in SAP PP

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Hi Experts,

                  We have a sample scenario which is about to be followed in a Retail industry. So according to that scenario, for example say, a particular store receives 50 kg pack of rice. After receiving it they unpack the 50 kg rice and repack into smaller ten 5 kg packs. So i need to acheive this scenario using workcentre (with activity type assigned to cost center) and production order. The work center may be either machine or labor. So how to acheive this scenario. Kindly share your valuable answers. Thanks in advance..!!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jeffrey

I guess you are asking about trading material.

As per my knowledge we can achieve with below process.

1. Create a FERT material MM01.

2. Maintain BOM with packing materials CS01.

3. Create work center and assign assign the activity types CR01.

4. Create Routing and assign the work center in Routing CA01.

5. Maintain the activity price in KP26.

6. Run the Cost Run in CK40N

7. Create Production Order for 5Kg CO01.

8. Do the Goods Issue to the Production Order with 261 Mov Type in MB1A/MIGO.

9. Do the confirmation in CO11N.

10. Do the Goods Receipt in MB31/MIGO.

11. Change the Order to TECO.

12. Do the  Settlement in KO88.

By doing this process you can capture the Cost of Packing Materials and Work Center Activities.



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Hi Suresh,

                Thank you for your reply. But i need to show both unpacking of 50kg and after unpacking,repacking of the 5kg. If you dont mistake me,i guess what you've mentioned is only for packing. Is there any possibilities to achieve both Unpacking and Repacking?

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1) If you need to represent the unpacking, you must have an order for it (or

creating an operation for unpacking and another operation for packing within the same order)

You have to do all the steps by SURESH

If creating an order for unpacking - you will have the bulk rice.  Do you have this material?

And then an order for packing is 5 kg

2) More easy, direct convert  50 kg in 5 kg already shows the unpacking...Because to transform necessarily have to do the unpacking

Dimas Faria

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