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Weight, Volume, and Size units return a Long Integer

how do we convert that integer back to its value?

or is there a list of what the long stands for somewhere?

are those numbers static?

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The information you're looking for is in the OWGT and OLGT tables.  Best way to get at this information is to open the window where users can maintain this information (Administration > Definitions > Inventory > Define Length and Width UoM), turn on "Display Debug Information" (under Tools > User Tools). Then hover the mouse over the field you're interested in. This will show you the table name & field name in the lower left corner of the screen (last 2 pieces of information in the bottom line of text).

To get Units of Length/Width or Weight, make a SELECT statement from the OWGT and OLGT tables, respectively.  Example: the following query returns the Purchasing Weight of Item A00001:

SELECT T1.ItemCode, T1.BWeight1, T2.UnitDisply, (T1.BWeight1 * T2.WightInMG) as ItemWeightInMG


WHERE T1.BWght1Unit = T2.UnitCode

AND ItemCode = 'A00001'