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Unit testing

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Hi Experts

I'll be working on one small project which is related to replacing the old part with new part in BOM level and correct part has to consider for MRP run. I'm basically from MM background so i have a problem in testing part. If you let me know the different types of scenario where i can do the multiple testing for this concept.

Your valuable inputs really going to help me a lot, thanks in advance for your help



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Answers (2)

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There are possible scenario & expected behavior.

- Demand before BOM change date, stock not available for old part, system creating PR for old part

-Demand before BOM change date, partial stock available for old part , system creates PR for old part respecting lot sizing

- Deamnd after BOM change date, stock available for old part/stock not available for new part , system creating PR for new part

Demand after BOM chnage date, partial stock available for old part/ partial stock not availabe for new part, system creates PR for new part repsting lot sizing.

If expected behavior is not achieved , you could test with 0 procurement lead time , it will elimiate  confusion.  Altenatively, you can create more scenarios with different procurement leadtime based on vendors/PIR

Hope you are not using Discontinous setting , if so above expected behavior will be exactly reverse.

Hope it helps,


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Dear Muthu

You can do testing for Finished product, Semi finished product, Raw material, Spare parts, Consumables

You could test following scenarios for MRP run -

1) Made to order

2) Made to stock

3) Consumption based planning (Reorder point scenario or Forecasting)

After MRP run check whether you are getting production / process orders assigned to correct BOM and BOM version