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Uniquely identifying an equipment status

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Hello All,

I am attempting to write a good specification outlining a way to get an equipment status (both user and system) - hope I can find some answers here in order to help the programmer down the line.

Client requirement is to uniquely identify equipment status (table EQUI). I was able to find all the tables involved (JEST and JSTO), their relationships, and status descriptions. The problem is uniquely identifying selected status. Here is the scenario: equipment object number (EQUI-OBJNR) relates to two entries in the JEST table (one where STAT field is "E0001" and other "I0099"). The problem is that only one STAT value can be checked at a given time. I found FM STATUS_READ and ran it, but it also returns both JEST-STAT values, without uniquely identifying which one is currently checked.

Does anyone know how to uniquely identify an equipment status, where I will return a status of either active or inactive, but not both?

Thank you,


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There will often be more that one active status, you will have to take that into account. If necessary, after reading the status values then decide which is the most significant for your purpose. Status values with format Ixxxx are system status values, those with format Exxxx are user status values.

Where JEST-INACT is empty, that status is active. You can pass this as a import parameter to STATUS_READ to ensure only active status values are returned.