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Unicode Issue

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How to replace the following code during unicode conversion


select * into datatab-data from catsdb

where pernr IN select_pernr.

datatab-pernr = datatab-data+3(8).

datatab-tabname = 'CATSDB'.

datatab-dtype = 'C'.


where CATSDB is transparent table with 108 fields.

and datatab is a structure of type ZHCLONE_DATATAB which has 4 fields PERNR,DTYPE,TABNAME,DATA.

data is a charater field of length 4999.

Error:CATSDB and DATATAB-DATA are not mutually convertable in unicode conversion.

please provide me the solution as soon as possible.

it will be really helpfull for me.

Thanks and Regards,

Santosh Kumar Barik

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Answers (2)

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The Data in the table CATSDB cannot be copied directly into the field datatab-data if the catsdb contains any non-character type fields.

1>First take a work area

wa_catsdb like line of catsdb

2>Select the data from catstab into the the workarea

select * into wa_catstab from catsdb 
where pernr IN select_pernr.

3>Now transform the workarea into the datatab-data variable

If the catstab contains complete character fields we can use direct move statement,else we need to use following method

class cl_abap_char_utilities definition load.

    CALL METHOD cl_abap_container_utilities=>read_container_c
    im_container               = wa_catstab
    ex_value           = datatab-data
    illegal_parameter_type = 1
    OTHERS                 = 2.

I trust it will be helpful..

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it still not been answered