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Undo archived documents

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Hi Folks,

We have performed archinig on Production system has been performed during this year which archived documents belongs to year 2008. Now we need to undo the archived documents due to some business reasons. Please suggest me whether any options available in R/3 to do the same.

Thanks in advance


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First, check for the archiving object if is possible to reload the documents in tcode AOBJ where you will have a report to reload (eg: object MM_ACCTIT have the report RGURELMM). Second, read the documentation in the reports (INFO icon). And finally, search notes about these object. e.g: Note 497768 - Reloading archived deliveries (object RV_LIKP) for reload deliveries where SAP recommends reload in an emergency.

I hope this helps you



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Hi RathiM,

There is no standard option for SD documents to be reloaded from archives. Please refer to OSS notes 373568 and 491506. You could change the reload programs to bypass the termination messages. However, your reloads will be not be complete as some dynamic data and financial data will not be reloaded. Having worked intensively with SD Archiving, I strongly recommend not to reload archived data to the production database and to investigate other solutions together with the business (ex. retrieving data through SARI, VF07 etc.).

Hope this helps


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Hi Bernhard,

Is there a way we can find out when a particular billing document was archived? and also this archiving was done by whom?.

The issue I am facing is that I was supposed to Archive 2004/05 and 06 data (Billing document), for which I had made the variants using date range and sales org.

Now, business has come back to me indicating that some 2007 and 2008 data has also been archived. I am pretty sure about my variants and that I have not touched deta pertaining to 2007/08.

I have some Billing documents of 2007 and 2008 which I need to investigate as to who did the archiving for them.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.



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I would suggest you to check the Forum with "Retrieving Archived Invoices" in the search criteria.

This will help you to understand what approach other members adopted to Retrive the Archived Documents.

Best Regards