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Undesired inbound delivery SPLIT

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Consider that we have to purchasing document for two different material and the same supplier,

for one of my purchasing document I changed the vendor Fax number==> this operation leads the system to populate the field EKKO-ADRNR

During the creation of inbound delivery with reference to both document, system will split the inbound deliveries as the field EKKO-ADRNR is different

Do you have any proposal how to trunarround this split

Thanks in advance for your help

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Althougth it's not the same, perhaps it will suggest the soltuoon. Check Note 339412 - VL04,ME2O,CNS0,MBRL: Unwanted delivery split

Read the solution:

If a vendor is entered as an partner in a delivery-creating application - for example, in deliveries for subcontracting - but the vendor is not intended as the partner of the delivery, a delivery split occurs because of a deviating partner. In this case, the delivery split can be prevented by assigning the partner function for the vendor to the partner procedure for the delivery type used (Customizing Transaction VOPA). The vendor is then copied to the delivery. A satisfactory solution to this problem is still unavailable at present.

I hope this helps you



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