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Unassign purchase organization from a company code

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We are currently working on the latest SAP S/4HANA Cloud version and we had a Purchase Organization (PO) that wasn't assigned to any Company code and we assigned it to one unintentionally. We'd like to undo this by unassigning it from the company code and leaving it again as a cross-company PO. This is supposed to be possible, and the way to achieve it is described on a help sap documentation. It states the following:

- On the left-hand side pane from the organizational structure choose the purchasing organization for which you wish to reassign the company code assignment.

- On the top right-hand side of the detail screen for the purchasing organization, select Edit Company Code Assignment.

- In the dialog box Edit Company Code Assignment, select None.

- Choose OK.

Link to the cited sap documentation:

We've tried to follow the previous instructions on the Manage your solution App but we are unable to find the "None" option, it just doesn't appear among the ones you can select, all we can do is change the assigned Company code for a different one.

On the other hand, I managed to find a PO that was not assigned to any Company Code and, when pressing the previously cited Edit Company Code Assignment dialog box, you can actually see that it has the option "None" selected. This makes us think that the "None" option is only available as long as you don't assign the PO to any Company code, because once you've done it, you can't undo it.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Plame,

Have you been able to solve the issue?
If yes, could you please share some information?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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Hi Owen,

Sadly, I ended up not pursuing it by submitting a note to SAP because I didn't have full authorization for the machine I was using for my testing. Sorry for not being able to help you. If at some point I get to solve it, I'll post the steps involved here.

Kind Regards.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I would submit a ticket to SAP Support to resolve this issue.

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Hello Ken,

Thank you for your answer. Most likely that's what we'll have to do because, as you'll see in the provided screenshots on the next answer, there are some strange things going on, like two POs both of which are cross-company, and in one of them the None option appears set and on the other one it does not and you can't find it in the selectable options.


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Answers (1)

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Hello plamenhsy,

Please share related screenshots and also check with your Security Consultant if there is any authorisation issue.


Neeraj Jain

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Hello neeraj.jain16,

Thank you for your answer. Here I attach some screenshots of the trouble we're facing at the moment. There are three main scenarios :

  • In the App Manage your solution > Application Area: Organization + Sub Application Area: Organization > Item name: Organization > Step ID: 100066 > Action: Configure, we navigate to a Purchasing organization that is currently assigned to a Company code and, in order to unassign it by following the instructions found on the help sap document, we click on the Edit Company Code Assignment button and try to set the None option so we can leave it as a cross-company PO again. The problem is that the None option does not appear, we can only select an existing Company Code:

  • There's another PO, on the section Global > Cross Company Code Purchasing Organizations, that is set as a cross-company one and, when clicking the Edit Company Code Assignment button, you can see that the None option actually appears and that it's selected:

  • The last scenario is a new one I just found while taking these screenshots. I found a cross-company PO and after clicking the Edit Company Code Assignment button, even when it is set as a cross-company PO and it says Company Code: None (like in the previous scenario's screenshot) we still can't find the None option.

I hope the provided screenshots are explanatory enough.