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unallocated sales order is out of Credit management

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Dear gurus

On credit management, if inventory is NOT allocated to sales order

(Ex. No inventory at storage location),

warning or error message show up even if the credit amount is

exceeded the limitation.

After created sales order without inventory allocation, then inventory

is allocated later, and error message show up

as delivery, because the credit amount is exceeded the limiation.

What is the concept of SAP behind this logic?

Why SAP doesn't count unallocated sales order to credit management?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if i understand you correctly, you need to know why an order does not have a allocated stock if it is credit blocked, & why does the order goes back to credit hold when it is released & availbility check is carried out.

from a credit management view, allocation of stock to a blocked order is not followed in business, lets take a logic example if you have 100 qty in stock & u have order for 80 qty from a customer on normal scenario you will have this order confirmed, but since he is on credit block, the confirmation for him will not happen, there is no point in reserving the stock for a credit blocked customer, if at all it happens you may not be able to confirm a new order for 70 qty for a customer who is of cash sale type.

next order going back to credit hold after confirmation : this may be a scenario in material determination, you might have entered say $5 manually for a material & you had saved the document that will be of $5 value, once you release the order ( you will release the value as $5 against the order), now the determined material will have a condition record of $6 & hence will go for a block,( means if the manually entered price is lesser than the condition value) you will have the order going for block again.

let me know if my understanding on your question is right



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Dear Ilango

I'm sorry for my poor explanation.

Pls let me explain with example.

Let's say, stock qty of certain material is 0.

Then I created sales order for this material.

In this case, since stock qty is 0, the stock is NOT

allocated to this sales order.

As a result, this sales order is NOT included in the credit management

because the stock is NOT allocated to this sales order.

So, even though the total amount including this sales order

exceeded the limit amount that setup on credit management,

SAP doesn't give any warning message.

So, I wanted to know

"why SAP doen't count the unallocated sales order to credit management?"

(because in my country, most of our client wants to include these unallocated

sales order into credit management)



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Could you please let me know how you resolved this, because I have the same requirement.