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Unable to upgrade SAP client to 8.8 PL 18

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Hi Guys

I have recently upgraded my SAP to 8.8 PL18 and the upgrade was successful but as soon as I try to upgrade the SAP Client I get the following error:

"Another verision has already been installed. Installation cannot continue. To configure or remove existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel."

The SAP business One Client does not appear under add/ remove programs. please help!!!!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tracey.....

I guess you need to require a clean installation of SAP.......



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Thanks guys

I fixed it by installing the client for 2007 then uninstalling it and renaming the folder InstallShield Installation Information on my c drive.

Once I did that I could install the client for 8.8 and upgrade

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Hi Syed

That is what I tried to do to upgrade the client and thats when I got the error message

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Hi Tracey,

I have had experience such as yours with client install update failure at least a couple times. From my memory, this is what I had done -

- I backed up my mostly demo companies

- I uninstalled from add/remove programs the offending programs

- I above does not work of does not have the program, then I go to SAP directory in Program Files and in the Client Directory, there is a install, while will give you the option to uninstall or repair etc. Better to uninstall. I am sure I have tried repair but that had gone in some loop.

- If above does uninstall, I restart the computer and then delet ethe client directory.

- Then reinstall from whatever client you get hands on, then run that upgrade again.

- It is possible you may have to do completely reinstall also.

In anycase, ours is not a production environment, so I have the liberty of even doing scratch installs any number of times.

To summarize, just uninstall the client and re-install (it is tricky whether you re-install from original as upgrade needs something to upgrade from).


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Note 1333696 says that in order to avoid dump and crash this level of prior client is needed:



When upgrading the SAP Business One client to Release 8.8 from installed-base versions prior to Release 8.8, the B1 client upgrade may fail and a dump file is created.

Reason and Prerequisites

Application error



The B1 8.8 client installer is available in the B1 shared folder (SAP BUsiness One\B1_SHR). After having completed the B1 server upgrade to Release 8.8, you can manually run the client installer to successfully upgrade the B1 client to Release 8.8.

Please note that direct client upgrades to B1 8.8 without the failures mentioned above can be executed as of:

B1 2005 A SP01 PL53 or higher

B1 2005 B PL46 or higher

B1 2007 B PL11 or higher

B1 2007 A PL48 or higher

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Hi Tracey, From what I remember, you just need to login to the client and it will warn you and take over and upgrade the client automatically.

Just go to client and login and see if that works.