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Unable to set plant and storage location in Batch as required/mandatory

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Hi Experts,

I am having a problem regarding field controls.

I would like to make plant and storage location as mandatory/required in MSC1N,MSC2N,MSC3N and MSC4N.

I have follow the path below

SPRO-logistics-general-batch management-bath master-field selection batch master-assign field to field groups

What i can see is field groups are being assigned to field name.

My question is, where do we go to to set the field group?

Thanks in advance!

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Answers (2)

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Hi Tarang,

Thanks for the info.

It is helpful.

I have tried changing the field group to required and save it. i have also assigned the field to the field group which i have just modified. i have save it but when I go to MSC1N, the plant is still not set to mandatory.

Am I missing a step?

Do I need to do anything before this field can me mandatory?

thanks in advance

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Hi Dex,

You have gone to the right location.

On 'change view field control for batch master record' against each transaction like MSC1, MSC2,MSC3 and MSC4 there are number of dots '............'.

Double click on each dot against the transaction you want to modify. Each dot corresponds to different fields. Over here you can specify wheter you want to make the field required, optional etc.

Hope this helps.