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Unable to Release Cost estimates

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I've created cost estimates using KKPA transaction and marked them using transaction CK24, I've done marking allowance for planned prices. I'm unable to release those cost estimates. It says "Marking not authorized for period 0XX / 2006 in company code XXXX", where X is any digit, i tried .

I need some help or directions to proceed further for completing this costing part. can somebody help me in this regard?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Mike,

When you are in the CK24 transaction :

- press the "Marking Allownce" button.

You will arrive on a screen where you will see all your companies and in the first colone "executed" all in red.

- Click on the compagny code you went to integrate your price.

- Write your costing variante and version or click on the "issu marlinh allowance button" (look like a match)

The "executed column" will be red and you could mark your price.



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