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Unable to Print GR Slips during GR from Inbound delivery

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Hello Experts,

I am trying to setup output determination to print GR slips during Goods receipt for Inbound delivery. i did the following configuration.

1) In SPRO under MM->Inventory management and Phy Inventory->Print Control->General Setting->Print Version I specified '3' (Collective Slip) for transaction MB01, MB02, MB03, VL32N and VL32.

2) In SPRO under MM->Inventory management and Phy Inventory->Print Control->Maintain Print Indicator for Goods Receipt Documents. This setting is kept as it was .i.e. for movement type 101 Printing of document item = 1 (Material Docuemtn)

3)Maintaine Condition type (MN21/22/23)

Maintained condition record for output type WE03, Event WE , Print Version 1.

4).Selected the particular Output type then configured

a. Default Values: Dispatch Time is 3 or 4 as per reqmt. and Transmission medium is 1

b. Print Parameter is 7

5) In user profile maintained parameter NDR = 'X'

I also Ran the program RM07NCUS.

After doing all these steps i am not able to print out any documents. I also found out that all the SAP forms are available in client 000 and not in 1XX (our sandbox client, or in any client). Particularly form WESCHEINVERS1 is only available in 000 which i am using for WE01 output type. (I assume running the program RM07NCUS will copy the form from the standard client)

Please let me know if because of the non availability of form in 1XX is making the system not to print, or am i missing some config settings.

Your advice will be much appreciated.

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Hi Ramesh,

In order to generate outputs via Inbound Delivery, you have to define new output types specific to the Inbound Delivery as it is not part of the Inventory Management module.

Config Path: SPRO -> Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Basic Shipping Function -> Output Control -> Output Determination -> Maintain Output Determination for Inbound Delievery