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Unable to post and clear customer line items through Lockbox

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Dear Team,

In our implementation project we have done lockbox configuration and

doing 820 EDI (Inbound).

The required prerequisites for IDOC creation has been done in the


1. Posted 5000USD customer invoice through FB70 for customer 21

2. Generated test file through program “RFEBLBT2”

3. Upload the same test file in FLB2

4. Created the testing tool for basic type “FINSTA01”

5. Maintained all fields with segments and generated the standard


But in this IDOC number I faced an error message “Table T049A does not

have an entry with key”, but when I checked the lockbox configuration

everything is fine. Due to this error I am unable to post and clear the

customer line items through lockbox.

In T049A already house bank, account ID, Bank GL account, bank clearing

account are updated properly and showing in table level also why system



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Answers (1)

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If everything exists, you can try again unchecking Import into bank data storage, if it was selected. select PC upload in FLB2.

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In Lockbox EDI 820 the process i am doing is as follows:

After lock box configuration in bank accounting i posted the customer invoice then in se38 i used the programme "RFEBLBT3" and updated all the fields and execute it, after this system will generate the IDOC number and system will post and clear the customer line items.

This is the process i am following for EDI 820 inbound, please let me know if i am missing anything for IDOC creation through Lockbox.

please let me know when we will use the programme RFEBLBT2, and RFEBLBT3 what is the difference between these two programmes and let me know which one is suitable for IDOC creation through Lock box.