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Unable to manage LOVC dependencies in S4 HANA public cloud:

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Hello all,

I have a requirement to add an object dependency to BOM items. As far as my knowledge goes, we cannot use AVC for that. We need to use LOVC here with processing mode as Classic.

When I try to create a dependency for a material using PMEVC, by default it is created as AVC and it does not let me switch to Classic:



Now, I could not find an equivalent of transaction CU01 in S4 Public Cloud where I can create a new object dependency with processing mode as Classic.

The only work around I found was to use the environment section on the left side panel of PMEVC where I can create a Classic dependency:







Now I can save it, but I cannot access it after that through PMEVC as system does not allow me to assign this to any configuration profile:



The only way I can access this is by using the app “Variant Configuration Overview”:




But the challenge here is, even if I try to modify this, I get the error message that I don’t have the access to CU02 which is not a public cloud application:



So, my question is, am I using the right approach? If yes, how can I resolve this issue of CU02 access?

If my approach is not correct, how do we work with classic object dependency (LOVC as we know it) in S4 Public Cloud?

Thank you


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @snigdhodeep 


In S/4HANA Cloud only Advanced Variant Configuration is available.

In an Onpremise system or Private Cloud the customer has the possibility to select classical VC or AVC but 

this is not possible in Cloud .


The transaction CU02 is not available in Cloud as an app and PMEVC needs to be used instead.


Best Regards


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Thank you so much for your response. Where I am struggling is, in S4 Public Cloud, I can still see Object Dependencies with Classic mode as a part of the best practices scenario. This is available in the app Variant Configuration Overview. I have seen those even work (like selecting the right BOM component during MRP run) but those are not modifiable as system calls for CU02. Does this mean, although those elements are there, those are not modifiable at all?