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Unable to edit WBS element when Project is released in a ALE active system

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Hi all,

The problem in editing the WBS element once Project is released exists for system which has ALE active for Projects.

Is there a way we can resolve this? Such that WBS element can be edited even after Project is released.


Sophia Xavier

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Answers (3)

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Hi Sophia,

I am just reproducing your words for more clarity from the closed thread.

"I mean to change the WBS element a new one in the place of/instead of the released WBS element. Please let me know if this is possible or is the standard behaviour of SAP."

Editing - you mean to say,

You can not replace a WBS element with a new one with same number again after deleting the previously created or you can not use similar WBS mask number again. Because, object number was already stored in data base tables and system does not allow you to create a similar number.

Hope that is what you mean to say...

If you can elaborate more clearly on your words "new one in place of / instead", guys here can understand better and provide you with suitable solution instead of you closing thread and opening a new one for same kind of discussion.



Edited by: PSR on Sep 13, 2010 10:06 PM

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May be you should check whether any enhancement has been done to make the fields as display once the project is released. Check with your ABAPer.

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I am not sure what the issue - you can always edit the WBS element even if it is released, provided no cost has been posted