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Unable to Cancel Material Document posted against Mvt 351

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Hello Experts,
I created STO with Qty 100 PC, and Goods Issue w.r.t. Purchase Order Mvt. 351, 1 line item created properly and qty given 25, another line created manually 75 with another batch no., during posting system give error in line no. 2 as "Enter Purchase Order No." so i give it but the line item no. field disabled and system permitted to good issue.

when i see purchase order history it is showing only material document with qty issue 25 only

now i want to cancel my line 2 and system showing qty exceeded 50, IN MB51 report showing all material issued in mvt 351, in MB5t report showing only 25 pc in-transit.

Any idea what has happened?



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Hello Mahboob,

First of all, for the next time you need to split the quantities in MIGO transaction, do not create the line manually but use the "Distribute Qty" button, just below the items list and next to copy contents. It looks like 4 little arrows pointing to the button corners.


To cancel the wrong line, I suggest you can try manual cancellation. It has worked for me in other similar cases:

1. MIGO Transaction: Select goods issue w.r.t. Purchase order (do not indicate PO number yet). The system will propose 351, change it to 352 to perform the cancellation and then fill-in the STO Number.

2. adjust qty for the line item created and add manually a new one in the same way you did for the GI of 75 PC, adding the PO number and so on.

I hope it works.


Mauricio Tello