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UK Payroll - Incorrect calculation of OSP & SSP

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We are facing an issue wherein the OSP & SSP figures are not being calculated correctly by the system. when the employee has a time wage type assigned to him.

Problem Details : The employee has two wage types in his Basic Pay infotype : Basic Pay and Overtime

Amount (1278 GBP)is maintained for basic pay and no. of hours (13.04 )for Overtime pay calculation.

Overtime pay is calculated using PCRs X010,X013and X015 and the amount comes out to be 156 GBP

Now when the employee goes on long sick leave and he becomes eligible for OSP & SSP wage types instead of Basic pay and overtime, the system is not calculating the amount of OSP & SSP correctly .

The correct amount of OSP & SSP figures combined together should be equal to the sum of amount of basic pay and the Overtime pay in case of full pay (100%) scenario but the system is considering only basic pay for OSP & SSP Calculation and ignoring Overtime wage type amount and hence the total amount of OSP & SSP is coming out to be 1278 GBP and not 1434GBP ( 1278+156)

I have checked the config settings and they seem to be okay . In the log in /010and /250 and /251 the amount of Overtime wag etype is not getting included.

Request you to please help me in resolving this issue.

Thanks & Regards ,


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Please let me know if I need to give more details.