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UK Capital allowance (tax depreciation) calculation-basic process

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1.We work in ECC6 version.My client is calculating capital allowance for UK tax purposes manually,how to do this in SAP? Can we do it?

2.Assuming we can do it like unplanned depreciation by creating another depreciation area,how to generate report for UK Tax purposes?We should be able to get maximum details from SAP while caluclating capital allowances.

3.If we are able to generate Capital allowances report from SAP,what details do we get??Do we get asset report like ordinary report and depreciation details?As you are aware,we will not be posting tax depreciation in books.



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Answers (2)

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I know this is an old question; adding my solution as I was here looking for an answer.

  1. setup the tax DAr for group assets (not posting to G/L)
  2. create % depreciation keys based on WDV of the asset pool
  3. assign the tax DAr to fiscal year variant consisting of a single period
  4. create a group asset for each capital allowance pool & for any unassigned pools required
  5. create the normal assets with assignment to the pools
  6. handle asset depreciation as normal & recalculate group asset values after each closing
  7. report 'planned' capital allowances from the group assets

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I have the same scenario. Did you get any solution for this

Ajeenkkya Shinde

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Did not get any reply on this.