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UI language is not changing

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Hi all;

I have created a new ADDON using UDO. Everything working fine but the only problem is that the UI language for the addon is not changing accroding to company language instead of that is always showing in English. Please give some solution.



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First of all, B1 does not automatically translate anything, you need to have (for example) a table containing the translations for your addon.

There is an app event "aet_LanguageChanged" that informs you of the language change.

The way I have seen it work before was - a global variable, relating to each language, that also relates to the language translations in your UDT. e.g. 1 for English, 2 for French, 3 for German.

When the language changed event happens, update your global variable to the new language number. Then on every form load, replace your static text with the translated value from the table for that language.

I'm sure there are other ways to achieve it, but this is just to illustrate the point that there is alot of work involved, B1 does not do it automatically.

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Ok for the static text njmog1 but how can i translate UDT? Is there a way to view in the combobox of User fields value of Documents a different description based on the current language?