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UI: Edit box gets enabled

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Hi All,

I've added an extra tab (folder) to an existing form. Under the new tab is an EDIT field, that I want to have disabled, and to stay disabled.

When I add the EDIT field to the form I set it to enabled=false.

When the folder is clicked (event ITEM_PRESSED) and before_action true, the field is still disabled, but when I get ITEM_PRESSED and before_action=false, the field is enabled.

If I set the field as disabled when the folder has been clicked (ITEM_PRESSED and before_action=false)the field is disabled on the form, but if the Next Record, Last Record etc. is pressed the fields is enabled again.

How can I keep the field enabled??

I hope some of you can help.

Thanks in advance

Jesper Carstensen

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When a form changes status (like in Add/Find/Records Manipulation) it returns to its default settings.

since an EditText is - by default - an enabled Item, it returns to that status (you can use StaticText for permanent disabled field).

In case you still need to use EditText - make sure that you cover all events that will cause the form to return to its default (mainly MenuEvents).

this is done for system fields as well

Hope I helped.

Yaniv G.

SDK Support,

SAP Manage Israel.

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Hi Yaniv

thanks for the input. I've solved the problem in another way. I created the EditText fields and made an eventhandler for the event ItemPressed on these fields. All I do in the eventhandler is to set BubbleEvent to false. This has almost the same effect as disabling the fields.... I can show information but the user cannot change it because SAP BO is not allowed to do anything with the fields.

Best regards

Jesper Carstensen

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Does anybody know if there is other way to solve this problem.

Honestly, there must be a good reason for that SBO takes control of my fields and change this property. Now I have to add unneeded code to prevent this and my fields are now "flashing" while they go from disable to enable and disable state again. This takes a considerable time and if, like in my case, you have to fill two matrix then we are talking about a coupple of seconds that my customer has to wait each time he presses to next record button. Crearly not a good performance...

Any suggestions about how this can be solved in a better way?

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A solution for avoiding the flash in matrix (only work on user matrix, not in system matrix) is putting this before the update


and when finished updating


where oMatrix is your user matrix


Salvador Biot