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UI: Choosefromlist - Objecttype

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Hi All,

I've worked with the Choosefromlist example, but I can't figure out how to make it show other CFLs than the Business Partner of the example. I guess I need to set the Objecttype, but I can't find a list or any documentation about which objecttypes to use to show other CFLs

Any hints?

Best regards

Jesper Carstensen

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The list is in the enumeration BoObjectTypes in the DI API reference, or in BoLinkedObject Enumeration in the UI API.

Best regards.

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Daivd is right the values of the bolinkedobjects is the key:

Examples on most common:

"1" = Accounts

"2" = Businesspartners

"4" = Items

The reason for this way to do it is that you can also tie your Userdefined objects to the choose from list (Example if you have a udo with UID="TEST", linking the Choose From list to "TEST" will make it work with your UDO)

ALso a tip...

- In the SAP Sample some things are missing. For example. when you use selectedObjects property to get the datatable you should after that check if the datatable is null (VB: Nothing). The will be null if user press cancel on the choose from list

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