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UI: Choose Button

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I want to use the system choose button in my addon, but I can't find it in the item-list of my form or in screen painter.

In the fixed assets addon I saw that the button is used.

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Answers (2)

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You will need to set the image property of a button to "CHOOSE_ICON" to get the result you require. The XML for adding a choose button is:

<Item description="" disp_desc="0" enabled="1" from_pane="0" height="16" left="652" linkto="" right_just="0" tab_order="0" to_pane="0" top="6" type="4" uid="btnchoose" visible="1" width="16">

<Specific image="CHOOSE_ICON" />


You'll need to adjust the top, left, height and width to suit your screen.

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Thank you, it works in XML. But if I don't work with XML the Button doesn't appear.

Set oItem = oForm.Items.Add("choose", it_BUTTON)

oItem.Left = 230

oItem.Width = 10

oItem.Top = 120

oItem.Height = 19

Set oButton = oItem.Specific

oButton.Image = "CHOOSE_ICON"

Can you tell me what's wrong?

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Ok, I found the fault. I have to set the type first.

Thank you

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You should export the form containg the control to xml by using the following function of the form object:

Public Function GetAsXML() As String

Then you can copy/paste the xml part of the control into your own form and you have the desired control. You can do this with most controls which are not available in the screenpainter.

Kind regards,