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UI: Change existing forms and printing out from new tables

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Can you tell me how to:

in a SAP Business One standard form, add another tab, change the size and


I know how to add my own forms to the menys and to develop / change in

those, but it is another matter with the standard forms,

2. How to generate at new document - like invoices for instance - from the

usertables I have created.

3. How to get the ID of the employee, to use in my forms?

4. How to write the payment of an employee to the accounting, so it will

appear as an expence?



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This is an answer on the first question.

You can get the reference to a standard form using GetFormByTypeAndCount method.

Dim frmSAPForm as SAPbouiCOM.Form

Set frmSAPForm = App.Forms.GetFormByTypeAndCount(FORM_TYPE, 1)

Now you have the reference to a form and you can access all form's properties and items.

FORM_TYPE - Long number. SBO displays it in status bar if the flag "Display Debug Information" is on (menu path Tools -> User Tools -> Display Debug Information).

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Thank you very much!

This was a great help for me.