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ui api is disconecting???

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Hello all,

Ihave the following problem:

I start an addon developed by us, work with it, and when showing one form, it seems like ui api has been disconnected. I suppose this because when pressing buttons, changing tabs in the form they dont work. Besides, the addon seems to "die"!

When this happen we pause the application and the code is always in this line:


The form is a user UDO form. (but we have more user UDO forms in the addon and they are working OK)

Do you know what could be the reasons for the UI API to be disconnected? I have really checked the code and looks like OK. Dont know what it could be happenning...

This is really odd, isnt it?

Thank you very much in advance for your help or ideas!!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vanessa,

Is there error trapping around the loading of this user-form? The symptoms seem to suggest that an error is not being trapped, resulting in the whole addon crashing.

Is there anything special about this UDO? In particular, check the final properties page of the UDO to see if there is a C++ dll linked to the UDO. If there is, and the dll is not available on the local machine, then this would cause an error when the UDO form is opened (and would crash the addon if there's no error trapping for this event).

Kind Regards,


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