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UI: AddOns and multiple instances of SAP

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Hi all,

yet another question.

A user can run multiple instances of an SBO Client on one pc. As far as I can tell, SBO starts a corresponding instance of our registered AddOn for each instance of SBO.

The Addons do not seem to cause each other problems.

However, memory consumption is pretty high since each client and addon instance request its own memory. I see 20-40 MB per client and 20-40MB per AddOn (VB .Net). This might cause problems with weak client machines.

Are there any other known or experienced problems with this issue? So far we have told our customers to use just one instance per machine.

TIA Lutz Morrien

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Lutz,

just FYI:

Currently tests about performance and memory consumption (mainly regarding the server, but for somewhat for the client machines as well) are being made.

The results are intended to be published though I cannot tell you a particular date for that.

Anyway, the value in having several instances of SBO running on the same PC seems to be limited to me...



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