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UDO does not save data entered?

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Hi All

We have an add-on that uses multible User Defined Objects (UDO). The add-on runs at multible customers and works fine... almost

At two new customers we have a strange problem:

Location: Your UDO-Form


- Switch the form to add-mode

- Enter the data

- Press the add-button

As we all know UDO-data are automatically saved without the use of events, and we get a 'Oprerations happened succesfully' as normal, but when one try to navigate to the new added record there is not data.

<b>Some observations</b>

- We have seen this on SBO2005A SP01 PL12 and PL14

- We have other customers on same patchlevels that don't experince the problem

- It seem to only be linked to customer databases since it works in a test-database at one of the customers having the problem

- Both Document UDOs and Master Data UDOs are affected

- We have tried deleting and recreating the tables and UDO without success

My guess so far is that there is somthing wrong in the databases (most likely due to a bad patch, but I have no way of testing this).

Anyone have had this problem or heard about it (and how we might fix it)?

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Hi Rasmus,

Have you run SQL Profiler while trying to add a new UDO? If it's data related then it might help to compare the profiler results from a database that works to a database that fails (your customer where it works on their test database would be ideal).

Kind Regards,