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UDF dependencies

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Is it possible to create a dependency between 2 UDFs i.e.

UDF1 would have the following values:

1. Full Credit

2. Partial Credit

3. Zero Impact Credit

UDF2 would be enabled if UDF1 = 3 and would contain the following:

3.1 Incorrect BP

3.2 Change in Start Date

3.3 etc...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jon,

First of all it is not possible to enable 2nd UDF on basis of selection of 1st UDF.

What you can do it to create 1 User Defined table and linked all fields relevant to your example.

Now Create two UDFs in Marketing data or master data.

Now you need to fetch data from your user defined table to your first UDF through FMS.

Another FMS is on Second UDF and automatic value filled in based on first UDF selection. (In your Example if user select number 3 in first UDF then In second UDF he will have 3 option to choose)

Consult technical person to achieve it.



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