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UDF and UDT (limit)

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Can anyone tell me, how many UDF and UDT can I create?

Is there any limit?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No Limit as far as I know for UDF adn UDT, but....

There is a limitation to the total size of alphanumeric type user defined fields in SAP as I found out. In fact this is a limitation on varchar and nvarchar set by SQL Server 2000. You will not be able to create a number of fields if the total of the rows byte size exceeds 8060. Note however the byte size of a single character is not 1, it is larger than that, for example if you add the following user fields,

in the business partner master data screen.

A - alphanumeric size = 50

B - alphanumeric size = 20

C - alphanumeric size = 20

D - alphanumeric size = 20

E - alphanumeric size = 254


Try to change B to size 254 ,you will get the error message, and SAP will prevent u from adding or increasing any more alphanumeric fields.

So It is a good idea to be moderate with the sizes if you can help when creating alphanumeric userfields in SAP Business One.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You can only create 64 UDF's per object (DB table), e.g. SBO will only allow 64 UDF's against Business Partners - this was tested and confirmed by my company.

To my knowledge there is no limit on creating UDT's - it's just more tables in the DB.