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UD Reversal using Note 175842

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Dear experts

Current scenario

User issues stock for sampling from T Code QA32 from inspection lot under "inspection stock posting" tab  for sample on a certain date.

After sample testing based on the results stock posting is done (after assigning U D code).

"Here the date sample is withdrawn is important for audit purpose".

At a later date user observed that he has posted the U D for a wrong inspection lot, he will reverse the U D.

When reversal is done all the documents generated for material movements (movement type 321 & 331) are getting reversed, and while posting system is providing current date as sample withdrawal date which is not acceptable for auditor.

Requirement is as follows

During U D reversal, material document posted with movement type 321 only should reverse and material document posted with movement type 331 (or any other material documents posted) should get restricted.

Please suggest how can we meet the requirement.


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how to Add new column after implementation in sap nte-175842 and display on MB51 T code

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I really could not follow your first part of background at all! From 2nd part I am guessing that with note 175842 you want the reversal should happen only for specific movements. To the best of my knowledge this is not possible. Few alternatives that you can explore and check feasibility are,

  1. Remove QA12 for movement 322 from allowable transactions in OMJJ.  - I am not sure and I never tried this.
  2. You need to develop your own Z program to reverse this in addition to or without the note's program. This calls for huge efforts investment at the developer's risk.

The question still remains in my mind - Is this really logical to reverse only certain movements as the original document contains those many line items for possible movements that happneded through QA32? Could you please elabote on the first part with some example? We may try our luck to find some other valid alternative.


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Dear Anand

Thanks for your reply

Your understanding is correct

Let me explain the first part

For Sample;

User issues sample quantity before results recording from QA32 (Sample withdrawn date is updated and a material document is posted with Movement type 331)

After analysis Results are recorded and UD is given.

Here RR is done by one user and UD is done by another user.

By mistake if user authorized posts UD and goods movement for the inspection lot for which analysis is still in process, then there is a need to reverse UD.

At that time system reverses both material documents ("Sample" and "goods posting to Unrestricted stock")

Now if sample is withdrawn once again system will update current date and not the earlier sample withdrawn date.

Pharma Industry the sample withdrawn date is very important as the duration of analysis is the key for results.

Hope i have made it clear. Please let me know if any clarification is required.

Suggest if any work around is possible if SAP note for UD reversal does not support this requirement.


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Hi Venkata, thanks! Ok! How about the below alternative? Have a thought on it!!

  1. You are saying that before result recording you have the practice to post sample usage i.e. 331 movement. And at the same time you don't have any restrictions on the unrestricted field. I mean you can still post the stock to unrestricted irrespective of result recording is done or not.
  2. So can still achieve the control that you want without note reversal.
  3. You can use exit QEVA0001 to define your own checks. e.g. you can put the control that unless result recording is done the stock (may be block, unrestricted or any other) should not be posted or vice versa.
  4. You can even further add the custom checks that if the sample is already posted (if 331 is occurred already) it should not be posted again.
  5. The sequence that you want is something like this - Sample posting > Result Recording > Unrestricted stock posting > UD
  6. Try to put the lock that system should not be allowed to post the stock in to unrestricted if the analysis is in progress i.e. result recording is not completed and result recording should not be possible unless 331 movement is done.