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Type message VL 455

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Hi guys,

when I try to create a delivery with tr.VL01n the message VL 455 'No delivery relevat items for sales order ...,order type ....' appears:I have checked and the order seems OK,also I select the corrected date in the first screen of Vl01n..which could be the problem?

Thanks in advance

best regards


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Good Morning ! I believe this sales order. But I can't complete the shipment on vl01n.

There are no delivery-relevant items in the order 0000020266 tp.order VSAP Message No. VL455 Diagnosis The sales order 0000020266 with order type VSAP, which you want to deliver, does not contain any delivery-relevant items or your delivery-relevant items have already been completely delivered.

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Good morning Lakshmipathi Ganesan! Could you please give me a tip so I can complete the shipment in the vl01n transaction?
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Lakshmipathi Ganesan!
Esse é o meu e-mail <<<Personal mail id Removed >>>

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Please do not share personal mail id and ask the members to respond. The very purpose of this forum is to share knowledge and there should be transparency. I have removed your mail id.

Please create a new discussion explaining clearly with the issue what you are facing and screen shot

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Hi friend,

I have this issue nowadays so I am answering your question here. After checking all the possibilities listed in the forum, I found that my issue was still there. so I removed Delivery tolerance at the sales order level.

This issue is also related to the Delivery Tolerance set at the customer master. I have removed the tolerance at the sales order/customer master. then you can process the delivery.