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Two projects with the same number on PROJ

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Dear experts,

I'm having an issue where in PROJ table I have two projects with the exact same number (PSPNR and PSPID).

The object number for both projects is different.

One of the projects was created by the user, the other one was a migrated project, created through LTMC.

When I open the project number in CJ20N, the project that is displayed is the one created in LTMC.

But I can't find out how is possible that in the table we have 2 projects with the same number.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thanks in advance.

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  • PROJ primary key are MANDT and PSPNR so Databse wont let you have two records with same primary keys values
  • For PSPID, index PROJ~E should be active and prevent duplocates
  • I suppose some tool used wrong internal format when inserting data.
  • Look also at hexadecilal values for hidden special character (e.g. nonbreaking space)

Browse PROJ with SE16n, deactivate conversion exit, a PSPNR / PSPID value(s) shouldn't be technically 'correct' - usually don't respect conversion-exit.