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Trying to divide incoming payments

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We are trying to divide a incoming payment but we do not know how to do it, not even if it is possible.

I explain:

You register an invoice and the IC has a three installments payment condition.

IC pays the first one but he cannot face the second and ask about reorganicing the two remaining payments in three or any other defined in the system.

How can we do that in Sap Business One, trying to avoid to cancel the invoice and create another one with the final installments?

Thank you very much.

Regards from Spain.

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Thanks a lot for be so quick

Well, we want to reorganice the remaining payments, not to make partial payments with the actual organization.

An example:

We have 3 installments.

Each installment rises to 1000u20AC and we received the first payment so they have to pay us to more installments (2000u20AC) but IC ask about to reorganice that 2000u20AC in six new installments of 333u20AC, so we have seven installments, one already paid of 1000 u20AC and six not paid yet of 333u20AC.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, it is possible.

1. Book First instalment for 1000u20AC by editing Total Amount of 2000u20AC

2. Book Second instalment for 333u20AC by editing Remaining Total Amount of 1000u20AC

3. Follow the same for next 5 instalments.

System will Automatically reconcile the transaction.

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Thank you but I cannot understand the way you explain.

Can you try it again?

My english level is some basic for some things

Thank you

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1. Book a Invoice for Book 2000u20AC.

2. Open Incoming payment, choose the desired customer.

3. You will find the Invoice List's on the Row Level of Incoming Payment.

4. Select your Invoice by clicking on its RowNum.

5. On the same Row you will Find a Field like Total Amount, if not enable via formsettings.

6. Do the Steps posted in Previous Thread.

sorry for my poor communication !

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It is not you communication.

My english does not help.

I cannot undertand the sentence: "Book an invoice for book 2000u20AC".

I have "book" as "reserve", even write in account book. But what do you mean with "for book 2000u20AC"?


The 10 points will be deserved xDD

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I mean Add an Invoice in SAP B1 for 2000u20AC

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You will think i am retarded

Anyway , I only have three installments.

If I pay the first one, and in the second I change 1000u20AC for 333u20AC, clicking add button, SBO tells me if it is a downpayment. ¿?

In the other hand, I know I can do partial payments but it is not the point.

I want to transform 3 installments in 7 installments, not 3 installments in 7 payments.

Thank you very much.

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I don't think it is possible to do what you want, without crediting the remaining amount and creating a new invoice with a new payment terms code. You can make an entry in the Remarks field on the invoice, and set your forms settings so that it can be seen on the Incoming Payment document, so that you are reminded that only 330 euros are due for each payment. But you can't change the payment terms on an existing invoice.