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Trip expense report settlement in case of Inactive Employee

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Hi T&E Experts,

We are facing a typical problem, in settlement of inactive employee trip expense report.

Details are as below:

- One of the employee moved from 1 Organisation to other. His personnel number status in old organisation is showing as "Withdrawn".

- Some of the credit-card charges on his personnel number are still pending for settlement.

- The current trip created to settle these charges is in "Approved - To be settled" status.

- Now we are trying to use "PREC" transaction to settle the trip. Transaction is rejecting the trip, as personnel number is invalid (inactive).

- Because the trip is still not in "Settled" status, we cannot use PRFI transaction to manually release the trip payment in next posting run.

We have tried different ways like making the employee active, but nothing is working here.

> Requesting your inputs to provide way-out in above case.

> Also is there any standard procedure, which is to be followed in case of settlement of Inactive Employee pending charges ?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Aditya,

you have to handle this "move" as the employee will not work anymore for you.

So normally retirement you have to check before the employee will go away.

This you have to do also here.

If its to late. Just open a new trip via the new organizational accounting.

Write an invoice with the charge to the old company.

Best regards,


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From my point of view a full and final settlement of all current expenses should be done before him leaving. Should be part of process of the company from business side...

So I never had the case but I assume you can force trip status using report RPRTRVSW.

BUT you may encounter authorization problems later depending on how you defined leaving action (if infotype 17 is closed by example) because within travel management all infotypes are read with system date. So if you try to then display the trip of an inactive employee from tcode TRIP or PR05, depending on how you have configured the leaving action, you might find an error such as "Infotype '0017' does not exist for XX/XX/XXXX", however the note 1032041 gives you the option of an enhancement to change the date that the infotype is read (TRIP_AUTHORISATION_DATE) but this is considered a modification.

Hope this helps, but as I said I dont have the case in my company as it is handled by the process. So  maybe someone will have a better idea



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Would agree with Mathieu in this case, changing the SYS_DATE on the authorization check is probably the most effective way of avoiding this as the authorization check is very strong in Travel for infotype 0000/0002/0017 etc.


*       ID 'AUTHP' FIELD authp
*       ID 'BUKRS' FIELD p0001-bukrs
*       ID 'PERSA' FIELD p0001-werks
*       ID 'KOSTL' FIELD check_kostl
*       ID 'PERSG' FIELD p0001-persg
*       ID 'PERSK' FIELD p0001-persk
*       ID 'VDSK1' FIELD p0001-vdsk1
*       ID 'PTZUO' FIELD p0017-ptzuo

One other point is how you configure the leaving action for an employee who will be terminated (this is done via PR05 in the radio button "Organizational reassignment")

Whilst it should not be possible to create a trip/expense report for a terminated employee, however as there may still be a need to process expenses with posting to FI/Payroll etc after the termination date
(Table V_T582A, for the relevant HR infotypes 0000, 0001 and IT017 is relevant here and needs to be maintained) then the leaving action also becomes important.

Finally, keep in mind that credit card expenses if you use CC clearing go to the error file for inactive employees

This is mentioned in the wiki Processing credit card receipts and expenses for inactive employees - ERP Human Capital Management -...

Hope it helps