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Triggerring the Output Type makes Freight Charges Zero

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Dear Experts,

When an Invoice is first made (F2) the Freight charges are determined correctly as the Condition base Calculation Value is correct.

Now When I am trying to Trigger a Output for this Invoice somehow the Condition base value is for the above output type is converting to "Zero" and due to this the Condition value for Freight changes to "Zero".

Now I am not sue how the Output is linked with the Pricing Condition value. I am surely missing something here. Can someone please help on this.


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Answers (2)

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I have noticed one more change here. When I create the Invoice and save the Accounting document is not created due to Accounting Block. At this point my Freight charges are correct. When I Release the Invoice to accounting the Freight charges becomes zero.

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Hi Sharad ,

You mean to say that Pricing condition value become Zero in your billing after out put trigger ?


Pricing become Zero in your Out put ?

can you give me more details regarding your issue.


C B Reddy.

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Yes the Pricing Condition value becomes Zero in my Billing document after output is triggered and hence in the output it shows zero.

Point to note here in that at first the condition values reflects correctly and the output type is in intermediate state. But as soon as I go to vf02 and trigger the output the pricing condition value changes to zero.