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Trigger Point

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Dear Guru,

Here i am facing problem for Explain concept of Trigger Point? what is use for these?

how can Customize It Plz explain thsese berief?

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (3)

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dear madahve,

thanks for answer thses qusestion

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Hi Ravi,

Pl. refer my previous posting on same subject in the following link


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Trigger point as name suggests, to trigger some action, when some thing is not going as per planned activity,

In PP, we use it for creating rework order/operation when during confirmation if you find a product is to be reworked, then we use enter the qty is reworked qty field. System will create rework order or rework operation as per you designed in Trigger point.

You need to design the trigger point in CO31, assign it in routing.

Example REWORK

First check in Tcode OPJF for the selection id a

Priority is defined for the Task list type S

with usage 1 and status 4 and then Proceed as


1. Create a Reference op set in tcode Ca11.

Enter the plant,Description , usage and status

for the ref op set

Enter lotsize and unit of measure.

Enter the op as 0010 / workcenter/op control

key/Description for the op

Enter the standard values and save.

2. Create a Standard trigger point in CO31.(Ex


Enter the Trigger Point usage /Group as FERT.

3.Tick the Trigger Point Functions.

4. Enable the indicator create order with Reference .

5.Enter the system status as PCNF.

6. Enter change as +.

7. Enable the indicator once.

8 . Now place the cursor on the create order with reference.

9. Goto Parameters.

10. In the Parameter enter in the group the created Reference op set group no.

11. Order type as PP01 and group counter as 1 and save the Trigger Point.

12. Now goto the Routing for your Material.

13. Choose the last op to assign the Trigger point.

14 .Select the OP -

> Goto ---> Trigger Point overview.

15. Enter the Trigger Point usage as FERT.

16.Now choose that line ,select the Details---> Trigger Point

17. The system will says standard trigger point exists from which you can

select the created Trigger Point (EXx Production)and save.

18. MD02/MD04.

19. Convert the Planned Order into Production Order and Release the order.

20 .Now confirm th ops.

21. For the last op enter the yield and rework qty

and set the status as PCNF.

22. If the status of last op is PCNF then in the

system a POP UP will appear as Activited by

Trigger Point /Create order with reference/order

number/sequence and op number which trigger point

works and enter.