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TREX 7.10 Creation of an Index doen't work: TREX_RFC_CREATE_INDEX rc: 4950

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I order to use the few features of PLM7.0 I started to setup a TREX-Server.<br>


But when I create an Index for an Business Object,<br>

(using Transaktion SES_ADMIN -> Index -> create Index/activate Index -><br>

select an Business Object) the Index is will not listed in the Index-Monitor.<br>


Taking a look at the logfiles of the TREX-Server I see the following line:<br>

5:50:30.843 e TREXRfcSvr trexRfcFunctionService.cpp(00051)<br>

: TREX_RFC_CREATE_INDEX rc: 4950 (not supported ABAP version).<br>



Can someone give me a hit what could go wrong or give me<br>

additional Information about how to solve this issue?<br>

Do I have to install different ABAP-Version? What does this error mean?<br>


After doing some additional research, I started the Programm TREX_RFC_CREATE_INDEX<br>

from the Transaction SE38 to explict create an Index. I set the parameter RFC_DEST to my<br>

Trex-Server and leave all the other Parameters by the default value and hit <F8>.<br>


As an response I got the following message:<br>

Return code: 4.950<br>

Return text: not supported ABAP version<br>


After this I start debugging the Code of the TREX_RFC_CREATE_INDEX, and<br>

I could see as soon as the function TREX_RFC_FUNCTION_BXML is called the<br>

e_return_code variable is set to the value 4950. Under additional Information<br>

you can see the values that were used to call this function. eye-catching for me<br>

was the value of the constant trexx_rfc-version which was set to '00006'.<br>


Could it be possible that the error lies in this value? Because I am using TREX-Version 7.10<br>

and not Trex-Version 6? - Do I have to install another update on the SAP-System to make<br>

it ready for TREX7.10?<br>






Line 95: CONSTANTS: l_c_func_name TYPE funcname VALUE 'TREX_RFC_CREATE_INDEX',<br>

l_c_version TYPE trexx_rfc-version VALUE '00006'.<br>




rfc_destination = i_rfc_destination<br>

function_name = l_c_func_name<br>

version = l_c_version<br>

keep_luw = i_keep_luw<br>


return_code = e_return_code<br>

return_text = e_return_text<br>


import_bxml = l_request_x<br>


error = 1<br>

OTHERS = 2.<br>

IF sy-subrc <> 0.<br>

MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno<br>

WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4<br>

RAISING error.<br>





Value of the Fields:<br>



L_C_VERSION 00006<br>

E_RETURN_TEXT not supported ABAP version<br>

L_REQUEST_X 535F434F4E4341545F4154545249425....5F4154<br>

SY-SUBRC 0<br>




Current installed system Components:<br>

Komponentenversion SAP ECC 6.0<br>

SAP_BASIS: 701 SP0006<br>

TREX-Version: 7.10 (running on Linux SuSE)<br>


Thanks in advance<br>



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After updating from TREX-Version 7.10.12 to the newest Revision the issue was solved.