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Trapping on the "Add" message box

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I am trapping an event on the Add button of a document but before I add, I need to check something, but I need it to be after the following message box appears…

You cannot change this document after you have added it – continue?

and before the document is added to the database.

Using pVal.Action_Success as not true is too early and when it is true is too late.

Any help appreciated,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Robin,

What you want is not possible, you can olny catch before and after and not in the middle of SBO action.



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Hi Ad,

Thanks for the reply.

I suppose I was thinking that when you confirm the action, by clicking 'Add', SBO has not begun it's actions. It seems crazy that I cannot trap here, as if the user clicks cancel, I need to change something on document row level.



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