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I wanna know what is the whole process of moving configuration changes from one client to another client via transports. Please also mention Tcodes with steps


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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When you are in development client and make a change to a configuration, if it is a transportable, the system will let you save the changes only with a transport request. At this time, the system will prompt you to enter the Development class. Development class is primarily to group similar transports under one class.

Once you enter the development class, you can create a new transport request (the necessary create icon will be available in the next screen that follows) and enable saving of the changes to the config.

After that you have to visit SE10 and identify the transport request, make the description of the tranport request meaningfull and release. The rest will be taken care by the basis, who transport to other client. You can highlight the transport request number and then click on documentation or log icon, which can help you to monitor if moved to further clients.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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T code SCC1

Say you to transport one request from 100 client to 200 client.

you did the configuration in 100 client

Type the aboveT code in 200 client

In the source client mention 100

Request NO at the time of saving the configuration in 100 client

Select Test run and including requesting subtasks

Then select start immediately

A message will come select yes,if trant is successful do the same without test run

Then you can see the Request No in 200 client by using T code se09



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Adding further,

- When you save a config or a setting, it should create a change request.

- Your description for the change request should be self explanatory, say " FSV for CC1000 "

- Record and document your transports

- Maintain a sequence.

- Release the task and inform BASIS to move the change to desired clients.

- Check if any approvals are required to move.

-Once transported, check your settings and assure the transport is done.


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Hello Sahaj,

Transport are the vehicles by which your configuration settings are moved from one client to client and environment to environment.

To transport an IMG structure into another system, mark it in the IMG structure maintenance initial screen.

Choose IMG structure ® Transport.

Specify an existing transport request with User request.

If you have no transport request, create one with Create request and save it.

Choose Continue.

Transaction code SE10 allows you to view and manage all transports you have created.

Hope I had been able to help you. Please assign points.