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Transportation planning point

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can any one help me how to configure transporatation planning point in implementation phase and why

this is a interview question.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Mukesh ,

SPRO - Enterprise structure - Definition - Logistics execution - maintain transportation planning point .

TPP is responsible for Shipment. ( like shipping point is responsible for delivery )


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Answers (2)

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Dear Mukesh,

Transportation Planning Point

Transportation planning point is just a logical identity in SAP R/3 which is used to tag shipment documents. In business language, transportation planning group is responsible for creating/managing outbound shipments. For example, there may be a plant from where shipments are sent out directly. Now, there would be a group of people designated to manage this outbound shipment process. In SAP, before you start creating transportation documents, you must have a transportation planning point defined. Ideally, the transportation planning point is one per shipping location when shipment creation process is manual and directly in SAP R/3.

There can be scenarios where shipments are created/processed on a different system and then posted onto SAP. This is external transportation planning. In this case, you could come across the requirement of configuring transportation planning point determination when there are more than one transportation planning points in one location. (Anyway, I am deviating from the question here).

So all in all, Transporation planning point is nothing but a logical unit in SAP R/3's LE module which is used while creating shipment documents.

There are various other definitions by other users, refer:


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For Configuration/ Customization, You may refer:

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Important Customizing-Settings:

Path: SPRO --> IMG --> Enterprise Structure --> Definition --> Logistics Execution --> Maintain Transportation Planning Point.

(T. Code: OVXT)

Here you have to assign the Transportation Planning Point to a Company Code.

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Transportation Planning Point

Transportation planning point consists of a group of employees responsible for organizing transportation activities. Each shipment is assigned to a specific transportation planning point for transportation planning and shipment completion. You must define the various transportation planning points used in your organization in Customizing for Corporate Structure before they can be used to perform transportation functions. You can define this organizational unit according to your companyu2019s needs, for example, according to geographical location or mode of transport.

The transportation planning point is an organizational unit in Logistics, responsible for planning and processing transportation activities.

It organizes the responsibilities in a company, e.g. according to shipment type, mode of transport or regional departments.

The transportation planning point is assigned at Co-Code level.

If you want to create a shipment document you need transportation planning point like sales area is needed for sales order

img-enterprise structure- definition- logistics execution--maintain transportation planning points

T code OVXT