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transportation planning date

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hi experts,

when i create sales order,in schedule line the planned delivery date i am getting is after 4 days,

the problem is with the planning date,loading date and gooods issue date,how to change that dates.where to change

thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please, check in T-code : OVLZ the field "determination load time".

Make no loading time determination

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Senya,

In case you are talking about transportation planning date then it can be changed along with the loading date and GI date by going to change mode of sales orrder> schedule line> shipping tab at the bottom of screen.



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hi all,

from where it triggers the the loading date,goods issue date and the delivery date,except material master MRP view is there any settings for the material available date.

i want to know from where the dates is been picked which was in the sales order>schedule line>shipping tab

thanks in advance

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Let me explain these dates in simple form:

Take one example : Say one customer has order you 100 Qtys of Product,

Your Factory is at Kolkata, and customer is at mumbai.

Now customer said i need Goods by 20th june. SAP System has internal backward scheduling setting which then calculates the dates for the different activities.

These formulas are

Requested delivery date minus transit time( This will come from your Route transit time) = Goods issue date

Goods issue date minus loading time( Material Master) = Loading date

Loading date minus transportation lead time = Transportation scheduling date

Loading date minus pick/pack time = Material availability date

In this way these dates comes in the sales order.

Hope it will help....



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Hi Senya,

The system does backward scheduling by default and all the dates are calculated backwards from the requested delivery date, the date calculation is dependent upon the various lead times that you have defined in your MMR.

For ex in MMR u have defined lead times like this: GI time - 5 days ( Time req for your order to reach u when dispatched from your supplier), loading tiime- 1 day ( time req to load the matl in transportation mode), transportation planning time- 1 day ( time req to make arrangements for finding and arranging transportaion means), Matl avb time- 1 day ( time when the matl should be ready and availaible with you to carry out subsequent processes of scheduling)

Supose u make a order with delivery date from 10 days from now depending upon the settings made in MMR for lead times calculation would be somwthing like this:

Requested Delivery date: 15/06/09

GI Date: 10/06/09

Loading date: 09/06/09

Transportaion planning date: 08/06/09

Matl avb date: 07/06/09

If my order date is on or after my matl avb date then its fine and my RDD would be confirmed otherwise backward scheduling would fail then system would do forward scheduling and give u a new delivery date and that date would become your new confirmed delivery date.

Matl avb date: 04/06/09

Transportaion planning : 05/06/09

Loading date: 06/06/09

GI date: 07/06/09

Confirmed delivery date: 12/06/09

This would be like when somebody orders on today's date ( 05/06/09) but wants deliver in 5 days from now (10/06/09), system would not allow as per default backward scheduling.

Hope this is now somewhat clear to you.

Experts if m wrong anywhere pls feel free to correct me.



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In scheduling, four lead times are used, they are

- Transit time

- Loading time

- Transportation planning time

- Pick/Pack time

Taking the above time into consideration, system calculates the "Material availability date", "Transportation planning date", "Loading date" , "Goods issue date" and "Confirm delivery date".

The "Pick/Pack time" & "Loading time" comes from the Shipping point.

The "Transit time " and "Transportation planning time" comes from the Route.

So, you can chnage the time accordingly in the Shipping point and Route and system will accordingly calculate the date.

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do u have the route determination?

if you have route det and the route determined or entered has got 4 days than u might get planned del date after 4 days.

secondly if ur availability check is checking rlt (replenishment lead time), then still u can have 4 days gap if rlt is 4 days.

can u explain the settings u have done so far, so that it would be easy to give better soln.



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hi avi kamu,

thanks for the reply,

yes, we have maintained route determination,the material ava date is same days on which the order is been made,

waiting for the reply.



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Hi Senya,

Planned delivery time will be in the Material Master MRP3 View. And for the Loading time and Picking packing time you can opt not to determine them in "OVXD". Kindly please let me know If you need any more information on this.You can change the times in the sales order by going to schedule lines -- shipping- by changing the delivery date.


Ram Pedarla

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