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Transport request window in case of a new employee creation

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I'm doing the customizing from the scratch for an ECC system, but i have this problem.

Every time that I create a new employee with PA40 a Transport Request window appears for the creation of the object CP in PLOGI, HRP1000 and HRP1001.

How can i resolve this , considering that I dont' want any TR creation and the CP is not properly mandatory?

Thanks in advance,

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pls check the below post as well

Transport request generated when using PA40 or ... | SCN

check the below suggestion by legend Sikindar

Hiring Issue on PA40 | SCN

Could you please check the the following switch TRSP/CORR in the table


The following values are valid:

o ' ' (Blank) = automatic transport connection is activated

o 'X' = no automatic transport connection > this is recommend!

o 'T' = transport using object lock (repair flag)