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Transport report painter report

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Hi guys!

I have created a report in our dev system and tried to transport it to QA. I've searched the SCN for the receipe, but it doesn't seem to work.

This is what i have done:

  • Created report in GRR1
  • Created report group in GR55
  • Created TCODE in SE93
  • Created transport for report in GCTR. Here I choise report group and made a transport as a customizing request.

In the QA system, when excuting the tcode, the report group could not be executed.

Then I went back to the DEV and made a new request in CGTR as a workbench request, but the same thing happened in QA.

Can you please tell me why the report isn't showing? Is the report group containing the report, or should the report been transported also?

Finally; in this example what is the difference between the customizing req. and the workbench req? Can I release both of these to production without causing any complications?

Thanks alot!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Why won't you use GR57/GR58 (export/import)?



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I don't know. I'm just used to transporing all changes. However, I found the error. I had to check off 'include dependend objects' in GCTR

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Eli Klovski has the correct answer. Not sure why the "I don't know" is tagged as that!

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