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Transport Legs and route stages

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Hello experts!

I'll try to explain the task using an example....

- we've a sales order with tow items, the fist one from PLANT 1 (delivery 1)and the second one from PLANT 2 (delivery 2).

- we've a stock transfer order, with supplier the PLANT 1 and destination PLANT 2 (delivery 3).

And we have to planificate the shipment in both plant BUT the shipment to the customer is from the PLANT 2:

Transport 1 (from plant 1):

- delivery 3

- Delivery 1 (from plant 1 to plant 2)

Transport 2: (from plant 2):

- Delivery 2

- Delivery 1 (second leg??

Question: I don't khow how to configurate the route from plant 1 to plant 2 for the customer: route with stages? or shipment types with different leg indicator???

Do you know a similar situation???

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear C. Bristol,

In the example related by you, as per my understanding, there are 2 events which will trigger (If STO Process is followed from Plant 1 to Plant 2), as the order is from same customer & from SAP & Customer Viewpoint, both line items will be delivered from Plant 2.

Event 1 will be STO from Plant 1 to Plant 2

Event 2 will be from Plant 2 to Customer.

Event 1 & Event 2 are 2 separate transaction in SAP, the first being STO & second being end customer sale. If the 2 events are to be automated as single event, in that case it is a work around & will require Abap development.

Hope the above information is useful for you.


Rajesh Banka

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Hello Rajesh.

In fact, there are 2 events o 2 Shipment:

1º. STO and a first leg for the customer delivery supplier from plant 1 (leg: from plant 1 to plant 2)

2º The second leg of the customer delivery and the customer devivery supplier from plant 2.

My problem is how to define the routes and the leg determiantion.

Thanks a lot, C.

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Route & leg will be different for both event, as both event are individual event in standard it is not possible to map in single route or legs the 2 events.


Rajesh Banka

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