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transport directory permession problem

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Dear Experts,

I have these systems DEV/QAS and PRD , ECC6 on AIX/oracle

i have exported the /usr/sap/trans from the DEV system as NFS global file system ,and i mounted it into the QAS.

it was working fine ,but today i got many errors related to the read/write permissions on both DEV and QAS systems

i checked the owner/group for this directory i found starnge thing

if i checked from DEV server OS level i found that the owner is root and group sapsys for all folders inside it.

but if i checked from QAS os level, i found owner is root group 202

I changed the group from QAS os level to be sapsys

now if i checked from DEV , i found that owner is root group is 208

these are the users and groups for OS usrs and groups

DEV OS users

user id=202(dr1adm), uid=0(root)

group id=202(sapsys) ,201(sapinst),203(dba),204(oper)

QAS users

user id=205(qr1adm) , uid=0(root)

group id=208(sapsys) ,204(sapinst),206(dba),207(oper)

i solved this issue by changing the permission for /usr/sap/trans to be 777 using this AIX command

chmod -R 777 /usr/sap/trans

but after that i find the icon for import disappeared from stms tcode

I checked the parameter no_import_all i found that its value is 0

really i don't know what happen.

what should i do to be able to import the requests into the QAS system?



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The two trucks for import transport come back after doing the following

1- for some transports the targetclient was missing so just assign the target client for it

2- check the value of NO_IMPORT_ALL must be 0 & the value of IMPORT_SINGLE_ONLY also should be 0



Edited by: Sherif Eid on Jan 29, 2008 8:05 AM