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Transport Deletion of Cost Element assignment to cost component

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Hi everyone,

I have a business requirement to move one particular cost element from Cost Component 6 to Cost component 7. While I am able to transport addition through the test environment onwards to production, I am not able find a way to transport deletion to next test environment using transport request. Any suggestions/ideas? Is it recommended to change the cost component once in active use?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I am not sure if I understand your question completely but the cost Component structure will be transferred with the help customizing requests to your target systems.

Regarding your second question some changes are possible some not.

  • You can add cost elements to a cost Component which were not assigned before
  • You can append more cost components to the Component structure
  • You must not delete cost elements from a cost Component which is already in use
  • You must not transfer cost elements from one cost Component to another which is already in use

If you do changes which are not recommended already released standard cost estimates will be damaged and the production variance calculation won't work properly anymore.

If you have to do main changes on your cost Component structure create a new one and assign it to your organizations with a specific validity date.

The valid from date should be always the first day of the following period. You have to redo your standard cost estimates if you want them to Show the results with the new structure.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Tej,

Whatever changes you will make in cost component structure through "OKTZ" will be recorded in TR. That changes also include deletion of cost element from particular cost component or addition of cost element.

Once you move TR to production, changes will also reflect in production


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Thanks Holger!

You confirmed my understanding that one cannot transfer cost element from one cost component to another as it will damage calculation of variance for open process orders. You can create new one and assign it to your organization. Our SAP instance is 4.0B version, quite old and out of support. I feel uncertain for doing such core changes that it might disrupt current operations.