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Transport Cost

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Dear Friends,

How to Mapping process to load transport cost in materials stock transfer to Depot

what are the stepts if you have any doucments related to this pls mail me to "subramanyamksr

Thanking you



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Hi Mr. Reddy,

you can follow the following process for it :

Stock Transport Order Without Delivery

This stock transfer involves not only Inventory Management but also Purchasing in the receiving plant. The goods issue posting in Inventory Management is carried out without the involvement of Sales (SD).
A stock transport order without delivery is possible only in a two-step procedure.
This stock transfer has the following characteristics:
● The quantity posted from stock is first of all managed as stock in transit of the receiving plant. The quantity is first posted to the unrestricted-use stock of the receiving plant in the goods receipt posting.
This enables the quantity "on the way" to be checked.

You can enter delivery costs in the stock transport order.

● The transfer posting is valuated at the valuation price of the material in the issuing plant.
● If the plants involved belong to different company codes, the transfer between plants is also a transfer between company codes. In this case, the system creates two accounting documents when the goods issue is posted. The stock posting is offset against a company code clearing account.

Process Flow
1. Stock transport order in the receiving plant

The receiving plant enters a stock transport order with order type Stock Transport Order, item category U (Stock transfer).

The stock transport order is used to plan the movement.
From the menu, choose Purchasing ® Purchase Order ® Create ® Vendor/Supplying Plant Known.
See Stock Transfer in Purchasing

2. A goods issue in the issuing plant
The issuing plant posts the goods issue to the stock transport order.

The material is posted to transit stock of the receiving plant with movement type 351.

In the issuing plant, the stock is carried in the stock overview with stock type Release Stock Transport Order.
From the menu, choose Inventory Management ® Goods Movement ® Transfer Posting.

3. A goods receipt in the receiving plant
Once the material arrives in the receiving plant, the plant posts the goods receipt. The material is posted from stock in transit to unrestricted-use stock.

The goods receipt is entered with reference to the purchase order


In the menu, choose Inventory Management ®Goods Movement ® Goods Receipt ® For Purchase Order.

Reward if it helps.


Gaurav Raghav.