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Translation of Unit of Measurement (UoM)

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Dear gurus,

I have installed chinesse (ZH) language in my ECC 6.0 EhP7 system.

But standard report doesn't translate the UoM into its corresponding logon language.

Whenever it has UoM character like "kg" or "gram", it becomes ??? character.

Is there additional support package dedicated for UoM, or should I translate manually in tcode CUNI?


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Product and Topic Expert
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did you follow SAP note

1156507 - Language supplementation, RSREFILL and client maintenance

and here especially the last part:



You have to execute a language supplementation combined with the report RSREFILL in all clients to close translation gaps and transfer Customizing texts from client 000 to the higher clients.
To do this, call the supplementation program under "SMLT: Language -> Supplement Language" in all clients with the predefined selection."

when the Chinese language was imported ?

If not, please do so for your logon client and recheck your texts.

Best regards,

Nils Buerckel

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Sorry, I still don't get it.

Do you mean I should manually translate ALL the UoM?

FYI, in CUNI I got message "Still 1098 of 1146 texts to be processed".

And how do I know "kg" or "cm" in chinese.



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hi Bobby,

Is the issue resolved? would you mind to share how to resolve this?

i encounter same scenario which Chinese language has been installed in the system but UOM is not translated.



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First check if your info object is having unit/currency as 0unit or not (it shouldn't be fixed unit of measure).

If the info object is having 0unit , then next step would be to define conversion in transaction code CUNI (kg/gram to chinesse (ZH) language format) as mentioned by Mr Rishi Das .

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yes you will need to make changes for the UoM to be available in the ZH language ..

Please see the following link : Unit of Measure related settings in SAP - Application Server Infrastructure - SCN Wiki

Also see this thread :